Wayo band launch

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9 Responses to Wayo band launch

  1. Prabuddha says:

    Are you resign from SANIDAPA or you made another Band? Give us a clear image. We Love Sanidapa and No idea about WAYO.

  2. Thilak says:

    actually we love u with SANIDAPA. it is great music group. what happen it..? really r u not with them…? WAYO is ur new band…? we haven’t idea..about that. so.. plz give 2 us truth..

  3. Dinidu Savnjeeva says:

    We Love Saniut dapa… we miss Sangith Aiya but WAYO Hoda wada tikak penuwoth Apita sanidapa Mathaka Nathivevi neda…. But Sanidapa Good I

  4. bathiya says:

    mokada aiye. sanidapata une? oya dan aeke nedfda?

  5. Uditha S. Ariyawansa says:

    Wish you all the best

  6. CHATHU says:


  7. fahim says:

    good job sangeeth ayyya i like wayo but still i didnt get tha chance to watch ur show good luck

  8. Ranmal says:

    Sangeeth aiya alut wade godak lassanai tallentfull tawa hodata karana

  9. tharu says:

    aiya ela band eka nam hodada……i wish to contact u soon….if u can please mail…all the best on your new career…..

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